The Magical Mister Mishkins Series in rainbow font
Welcome to the world of Mister Mishkins, a magical cat with a host of feline friends!
Mister Mishkins balancing a key and a butterfly on his tail
The Magical Mister Mishkins’ is a series of illustrated Middle Grade books created by Samantha Mattocks and based on her own ginger cat, Mishkins.
“Everyone should read this book!” Adi Pal, aged 8
Book one in the series, Mister Mishkins’ Apothecary, is based on Mishkins and just some of the cats Samantha and her family and friends have been blessed to know in their lives. This enchanting book, illustrated by Gerda Smit, will be out on 3 October 2023.
“The idea of the Apothecary is great for the age group, dealing with genuine worries/fears that children of those ages have. It does remind me a little of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’, with different worlds and different solutions to problems based on these. I’m sure the children would be excited when meeting the various cats, and would find themselves feeling more at ease with things they maybe find scary themselves!”
Mister Mishkins stretching
To find out more about book one, and to pre-order Mister Mishkins’ Apothecary, please click here.
rainbow butterfly
Mister Mishkins balancing a key and a butterfly on his tail
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